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Grand Duke Dantalion Cosplay

The Grand Duke of Hell, commander of the 36 armies of hell. A nephilim demon candidate to succeed the throne of the demon world while Lucifer slumbers. Calls himself "Dantalion Huber" while disguised at William's school. He is the 71st pillar of Soloman's 72 pillars, and is followed by two bat-familiars, Amon and Mamon. He is well-liked by humans and is relied upon at school, quite often seen participating in various sports. He became a demon after contracting with Lucifer, as the only contractee Lucifer ever had, and marking him as Lucifer's direct descendant. "The One Who Plays the Flute," and had annihilated an entire tribe in his past life.

Source from Wikipeida


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Grand Duke Dantalion Cosplay Wig

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