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Nodoka Miyazaki Cosplay

Nodoka Miyazaki is student number twenty seven in the class at Mohora Academy. She is a shy bookworm, who spends most of her time in the library or the bookstore. She is among the top ranking students in the school, and she possesses knowledge of a wide variety of topics from her constant reading. She often uses her hair to cover her eyes completely, but when brought out of her shy shell, gains confidence, and shows one of her eyes. Although Negi is several years younger than her, she still has a crush on him because she believes he carries the maturity of an adult. She is also very close to Yue, and after learning of Yue's feelings for Negi and her distress of having the same crush as her friend, Nodoka comforts her, although she still has normal jealousy on occasion.

Source from Wikipeida

student, shy, top ranking students

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