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Kouha Ren Cosplay

The Kou Empire's third Prince, he's a General and Dungeon Capturer like his older brothers. With an androgynous appearance, he has a vicious and sadistic demeanor in battle, slaughtering his enemies without mercy. Aladdin meets him first during his travel to Magnostadt as the prince is sent as an envoy to convince Mogamett to surrender the country to the Empire. His household is composed of outcasts from society, like people disfigured by failed experiments, members from disgraced clans and former criminals. His lack of prejudice toward those who would never be accepted by anyone else, even at the cost of being scorned by most of the royal court earned him the unyelding respect and devotion from his followers, including his Djinn. Following Reim's failed invasion of Magnostadt, Kouha takes the opportunity to occupy the city while their forces are still recovering, just to be repelled by Mogamett's Dark Djinns and saved in the nick of time by Alibaba and later assisted by his brother Kouen.

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