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Cassim Cosplay

The de facto leader of the Fog Troupe who introduces Alibaba as a figurehead leader to gather support from the people due to his royal lineage. He uses the magical weapon 'Sword of the Black Binding Fog'. He had lived with Alibaba in the slum streets like brothers when he was younger and was adopted along his sister (who died by disease years later) by Alibaba's mother upon the death of his parents. Later it is revealed that Cassim in fact killed his father to protect his sister, cursing himself for being the son of the man he despised the most. When Alibaba comes with a peaceful solution for the conflict in Balbadd, he does not agree with the idea and incites a rebellion in the country instead. By using a black metal vessel, Cassim transforms himself in a dark djinn that is only stopped when Aladdin uses Solomon's Wisdom to have Cassim and Alibaba communicating and reconciling in spirit. However, the transformation culminates with Cassim's death and his Magoi ends up transferred to Alibaba's body.

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