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Alibaba Saluja Cosplay

Although he was originally from the slums, after his mother died, he was taken in by his father, Balbadd's King, as the third prince. Wherever possible, he began to study languages, economics, fencing, and more in order to learn how to become a good ruler. Hence, his forte was in Balbadd's Royal Fencing. However, his bed-ridden father died after an incident involving him and his childhood friend Cassim. Feeling as responsible for it, he left Balbadd. Upon meeting Aladdin in the city of Qishan, he captures the 7th Dungeon "Amon" with his help. With the treasures acquired from it, he becomes the lord of Qishan and frees all of the slaves including Morgiana before returning to Balbadd, where he joins the Fog Troupe, a band of Robin Hood-esque thieves armed with magic tools started by Cassim, as "The Wonder Man Alibaba" in order to stop the tyrannical rule of his older brother, King Abhmad. With help from Aladdin and his frends, Alibaba finds a pacifistic solution by having the monarchy dissolved and making the country into a republic, despite losing its sovereignty to the Kou Empire. Since then he trains swordsmanship with Sinbad's general Sharrkan before setting to the Reim Empire's colosseum to learn to control better his Magoi with the Yambala Gladiators and unlock the full power of Amon. Upon arriving there, Alibaba learns that the Magoi in his body is in disarray because of Cassim's Magoi that somehow got inside him, interfering with his own Magoi, allowing him to upgrade his powers when he properly fuses the two Magoi into one single entity.

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Alibaba Saluja Cosplay Wig

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Alibaba Saluja Cosplay Costume

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