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Minami Iwasaki Cosplay

Minami Iwasaki  comes from a wealthy family, and she lives across the street from Miyuki Takara. She owns a very large white dog and has a parasol in her yard. Her hobbies include reading books, playing the piano, and playing with her dog, Cherry. A very quiet girl (usually speaking in as few words as possible) who does not show much emotion, Minami is often mistaken for being cold, but she is very kind at heart. However, many jokes arise when her seemingly "perfect and sleek" appearance is contradicted, such as when Miyuki's mother notices Minami teaching Cherry how to stand on his hind legs by mimicking the position herself; Minami often blushes heavily and stares at the floor in response to such teasing.

Source from Wikipeida

wealthy , quiet, kind

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Minami Iwasaki Cosplay Costume

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