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Niko Yazawa Cosplay

Niko Yazawa Cosplay

Nico is a third-year student interested in fashion, and thus acts as the group's wardrobe supervisor alongside Kotori. She grew up admiring idols and aspires to become one. However, much to her chagrin, Nico is child-like in appearance and behavior despite her age, looking much younger than the rest of the group. Within the group, she is a very good cook. Nico formed the Idol Research Club, but all of her club members left one after another because of her high standards. When Honoka and her friends ask her to have the club as μ's base of operations, she is reluctant at first, doubting how far they are willing to go to become successful idols, until she approves their effort and also joins the group. After she graduates, she passes on the role of club president to Hanayo.

Source from Wikipeida

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