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Shiroe Cosplay

Shiroe is best known as "Shiroe the Strategist" or "Villain in Glasses". His real name is Kei Shirogane. He is the founder and guild master of Log Horizon. His main class is Enchanter, which bestows him powerful support spells and allows him to aid his allies to victory instead of fighting in the frontlines. His secondary class is Scribe, which allows him to accurately draw maps of the places he visited and later allows him to develop new spells never seen before. A socially awkward engineering graduate student who has been playing Elder Tale for almost eight years, Shiroe was the strategist of the long-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party group, an informal (non-guild) elite group of players who completed high level group quests known as Raids. Shiroe had strong reservations about joining guilds until, in the aftermath of the Apocalypse and the ensuing worldwide despair, he decided to create a place for him and his friends, leading to the establishment of Log Horizon. Shiroe manages to assemble and create Akihabara's Round Table council after performing a highly complex, long-range plan to seize control of the Guild Building in Akiba, giving him control over the players and guilds' assets. He is voiced by Takuma Terashima.

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