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Sora Takanashi Cosplay

The eldest of the three sisters. She is 14 years old, second-year student in middle school, and has a tsundere personality. She normally refers to Yūta as "older brother (Onii-chan)" and holds a longtime crush on him but he is oblivious to her feeling and thought she is just a shy and short tempered girl. She also gets easily jealous when he is with Raika. She has fairly good grades in school but is not adept at cooking. She is jealous of Raika's body like a fashion model, her huge bust and also her close bond with Yūta. Her style is highly reminiscent of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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tsundere, jealous

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Sora Takanashi Cosplay Accessory

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Sora Takanashi Cosplay Shoes

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Sora Takanashi Cosplay Wig

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Sora Takanashi Cosplay Costume

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