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Yin Cosplay

A supporter in Hei's team and an emotionless spirit medium known as a "Doll". Her power lies in tracking and eavesdropping by way of water. However, this power only takes effect when she is in the presence of water. Huang mentions that her "program" is a minimal one incapable of showing emotion or even allowing her to make decisions for herself, though, she later debunks this by making the decision to keep working with Hei and the others when given the choice of leaving. Her real name is Kirsi, which is a Finnish short form of either Kirsikka (meaning "cherry") or Christina, and she was once the student of a famed Finnish pianist by the name of Elis Kastinen (or Kostinen depending on translation, both are Finnish surnames)

Source from Wikipeida

expressionless, good memory

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Yin Cosplay Costume

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