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Charon Cosplay

One of Momona's friends and also a Petit Lady, she is the human partner of Sapphie. Somehow timid, she is nice and kind-hearted to people, especially to her friends, but focuses more on her studies. She usually get along with Mizuki and Momona while Sapphie inspires her to do her best for her to be a Lady. Charon also loves novels and like to be a novelist when she grows up. She has an older sister named Ellis.

Charon's desire on becoming a Lady Jewel is born after she met Sapphie for the first time and become her partner, telling her its not bad to follow her dreams and that she can be a wonderful heroine like the one in the book she read when she's a kid. She isn't aware of Levin's feelings for her as everytime when their in a task, she would only focus on the task and not his feelings.

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