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4 Sets of Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay

Grelle Sutcliffe, Grell in the anime adaptation, is a flamboyant Grim Reaper who works as Madame Red's butler. He is initially portrayed as worthless and is often seen in the anime adaption trying to commit suicide after mishandling tasks. As a Grim Reaper, he is characterized with red hair and shark-like teeth. Grelle often refers to himself as a female and verbalizes his infatuation with Sebastian, much to the latter's disgust. He meets Madame while she is murdering a former patient. Grelle and Madame forge a partnership and continue the murders.

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Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Accessory

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PE and PVC toys

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Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Accessory

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Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Shoes

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Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Grell Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume

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shirt vest bow coat pants arm wears gloves
polyester costume

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Customer Testimonials

Jessy  2014-11-20
I also have these two with my Grell cosplay I got from here
Emma  2014-07-08
Hello, I received my costume in the post today, and I must say I am extremely happy with this costume. It came very quickly and is great quality. I will defiantly be ordering of you again. Thank you very much and keep up the good service.
Tessa  2013-10-10
It was so much fun and I appericate everything!
XxKuroPhantomhivexX  2013-01-03
Hello :) I must say that I absoulutley ADORE this cosplay and I'm so happy I purchased it from you! thank you so much for all your co-operation. But I have a question to ask you, I lost one of the black buttons of the red coat part of the cosplay and I cannot seem to find a good match...Do you think you might be able to send me a spare replacement button? if I need to pay a small fee, I'm willing to. Thank you~!
Michelle  2012-09-09
I ordered the cosplay of Grell Sutcliff from Kuroshitsuji and I love it :] It has become my go to cosplay for every convention I've been to since I got it at the end of December 2011 and I can't wait to order something else from CosplayFU.
Racheal  2012-09-04
These shoes are great! I choose the fast shipping, but they still came in earlier than expected.Communication was great, they answered shortly after I sent emailed them questions and they were patient and polite as well. Though the shoes are not made for everyday use. They will be perfect for a con and Halloween^.^ They were exactly like Grell's shoes and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I recommend buying from this site^.^ I can't wait to wear these for Halloween when I cosplay as Grell. I am looking forward to doing business with this site again^.^ Thanks for the wonderful shoes!!!
Roos  2012-06-28
Hello CosplayFU, Here are a some pictures of me wearing the Grell Sutcliff cosplay costume I bought from your site. I love it and am very happy with it. It's well made and I like the colours :D

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