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Elizabeth Middleford Cosplay

Elizabeth Middleford is the daughter of Marchioness Frances Middleford and is both Ciel's cousin and fiance. She is a very happy and upbeat girl. She has known Ciel for a long time and cares deeply for him, trying her best to see him smile again. Ciel sees her as an important friend and a girl that he needs to protect because he says that he does not want to lose anything important again. It has been shown a few times on how much Ciel cares for her, such as throwing himself in front of her to protect her from a bear in the manga, how he tried his best to save Elizabeth from Drocell, and also drying her tears after she broke his ring despite how upset he had been.

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happy, unbeat, sweety, cute, optimistic, lively

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Ellie  2013-08-08
I love this costume! It's very movable and It came just how I pictured it. Thank you ^_^
Lauren  2013-08-08
Thankyou. I just recieved the dress thankyou so much :)

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