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Hannah Annafellows Cosplay

Hannah Annafellows Cosplay

Alois's maid and servant.Hannah gets her left eye gouged out by Alois on the account that she stared at him directly. She is quiet and seems to be very fearful of Alois as he often harms and humiliates her. She is very skilled with combat and able to pull weapons out of nowhere.Her name (Hannah in Japanese means flower) implies that she is a flower demon. She is voiced by Aya Hirano in the anime.

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Customer Testimonials

Orion  2014-02-15
The wig is very good, long and of perfect colour for hannah. Though it's rather heavy due to its length.However, I wish they made the front so layered as hannah's hair is layered but tied back. The quality of the fiber is good too and there is no balding patches.
Kathy  2013-09-15
I used this costume (intended for Black Butler's Hannah Annafellows) for a convention, dressing as Alois wearing her outfit. It's very comfortable and well fitting! Definitely a good choice!

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