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2 Sets of Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay

An energetic second-year student and Ryuko's classmate at Honnoji Academy. She immediately befriends Ryuko upon the latter's arrival at the school. Mako lives with her parents and younger brother in the slums of Honnouji. She is a bit slow-witted and more often than not finds herself in dangerous situations, but she has a good heart and cares for Ryuko, encouraging her many times.

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Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay Accessory

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Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay Wig

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Mako Mankanshoku Cosplay Costume

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hat top tie skirt coat wrist wear
polyester and leather costume

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