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3 Sets of Houka Inumuta Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Houka Inumuta Cosplay

One of the student council's Elite Four. He is in charge of Honnouji Academy's information and strategy committee, aiding the student council by analyzing information via his laptop. He is also in charge of the analysis of the Goku Uniforms made in the Sewing Club. He possesses the three-star Goku Uniform, Probe Regalia (探の装 Saguru no Sō?), which allows him to quickly calculate attack trajectories and use optical camouflage to hide from his opponents.

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Houka Inumuta Cosplay Accessory

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plastic glasses

Houka Inumuta Cosplay Shoes

US$ 127.25 US$ 76.35
artificial leather shoes

Houka Inumuta Cosplay Wig

US$ 74.95 US$ 44.97
heat resisting fiber wig

Houka Inumuta Cosplay Costume

US$ 248.22 US$ 134.04
top pants bags belt
polyester costume

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