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Pit (Kid Icarus) Cosplay

Pit is very confident, boldly going up to fight enormous monsters many times his size. Pit's age is about 13 - 14 years old (in human years). Despite his sometimes stern looks, he is known to be a light-hearted boy who cracks jokes and looks on the bright side of things, which should come as no surprise since he is an angel.
Pit's weapon is the bow called "Palutena's Bow" that he got from Palutena. It fires "arrows of light". Palutena gave Pit the bow so he could defeat Medusa , the Goddess of Darkness. The Palutena Bow can split into two short swords that Pit holds, one in each hand. Another weapon he uses is the "First Blade" he uses in Kid Icarus: Uprsing in the first chapter "Return of Palutena" as the first weapon he uses, after that your choice of weapon is unlimited.

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