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Dave Lizewski Cosplay

Dave is an ultimately insecure mild mannered and moral  teenager who is acutely aware of his lack of defined characteristics in high school life (claiming he is not the class geek or the class clown and that he merely exists). He is a passionate follower of pop culture including comic books, which serves as a driving force of his decision to become a costumed vigilante. He has something of a romantic side , as he is shown to be strongly attracted to a fellow classmate named Katie as well as a teacher known as Mrs Zane (the latter of these attractions appears to be purely physical and with no deeper feelings evident in the former). Dave is known to have some sense of cowardice, but is also known for his courage and perseverance. However, his bravery, more often than not, ends up getting either him or those close to him in danger. He refuses to kill people, but is not hesitant to seriously injure them. Over the course of the story, Dave evolves into a more cold-blooded and dangerous character, but maintains his moral values to some extent.

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