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Miu Furinji Cosplay

Miu Furinji is a curvaceous 17-year-old girl who attends the same school as Kenichi and is currently in her second year.She is the granddaughter of Hayato Furinji and the daughter of Saiga Furinji, the leaders of Ryozanpaku and Yami's One Shadow Nine Fists, respectively. Miu came into Hayato's care when he found out that his son (Saiga Furinji) went on a killing spree and murdered several of his friends and his wife, when he arrived at the scene it was too late. But he found a breathing hole in the snow beneath his daughter-in-law's body and rapidly rescued his baby granddaughter. In these early years of her life, Miu learned martial arts from her grandfather and accompanied him on his missions to bring about peace.

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