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Kongou-class Battleships Cosplay

Kongou-class Battleships Cosplay

The personification of the namesake ship of the Kongou-class battleships: Kongou, as portrayed in Kantai Collection.
All of the Kongou-class wear a modified miko uniform with differently colored skirts and thighhighs. They also wear the same signature winged hairband.
Kongou herself has long brown hair bunched into two braided buns and wears a black skirt.
One of a few who has a second remodeling, this new form revamps her costume and modifies her hairband (the "wings" are now radars, the band itself is now fully gold/brass instead of a gold/brass and black pattern).
Being historically constructed in England, she has peculiar speech habits which include using random english words. She is also an avid drinker of black tea, sometimes to the point that she is obsessed with or even addicted to the stuff.

Source from Wikipeida

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