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Zange Cosplay

Another goddess and Nagi's twin sister. Unlike Nagi's, Zange's tree is still intact and located in a church's courtyard, thus she is still able to catch and cleanse impurities by herself. The fact that she switched her character to that of a Catholic nun, as it is a stronger religion nowadays according to her, contributed to her divinity staying intact. Despite seemingly being kind and caring on the outside, she usually takes advantage of Nagi's weakened state to torment her. The word zange in Japanese means 'penitence' or 'confession'. When Nagi is overflown with impureness, Zange makes use of all the sacred power amassed by her so far to exorcise her sister, which puts a strain on her relationship with Hakua who forces her out of her body. Despite feeling satisfaction upon succeeding, she starts behaving differently soon after, as if she was doing that under some kind of influence and upon realizing this, Hakua makes amends with Zange who returns to his body.

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