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Kouta Kazuraba Cosplay

Kouta Kazuraba is originally the second-in-command of Team Gaim before eventually quitting the team to take odd jobs to help out his older sister Akira since their parents have died. But things change when Kouta is called by Team Gaim's leader Yuya Sumii, who wants to show him something to help their team out. But finding Yuya no where while finding his old friend and former team mate Mai, Kouta instead finds a portal to a mysterious forest. There, Kouta finds a mysterious belt and ends up using it with a freshly ripened Lockseed to fight an Inves that followed him and Mai to their reality. Learning the belt is a Sengoku Driver that Yuya bought from the mysterious Lockseed Dealer Sid, Kouta attempts to figure out a means to best use his new ability. It is only after an Inves Game between him and Team Baron's Kaito Kumon ends badly with his summoned Inves going on a rampage that Kouta sees his purpose and transforms into Kamen Rider Gaim  to stop the monster. This event spreads across the city, earning Kouta the name of "Armored Rider Gaim" as he decides to help Team Gaim as an official member in Yuya's stead. However, Kouta finds more five more Armored Riders appearing in Zawame with his Team Gaim team mate Mitsuzane becoming their group's primary Armored Rider Ryugen so he would not focus his life around them. Eventually, learning the Inves' home is called Helheim Forest, Kouta and Mitsuzane learn of that Sid is working with the Yggdrasill Corporation in an experiment involving the Armored Riders. Though the majority of the Yggdrasill Corporation believes his use to them is over, Kouta finds himself receiving an Energy Lockseed and a Genesis Core from DJ Sagara. Later, due to his status as a Beat Rider, he is unable to find a job until the Beat Riders' public reputation restored.

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