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Momo Kisaragi Cosplay

Momo is member Number 5 of the Mekakushi Dan. She is the younger sister of Shintarō and a popular idol, which greatly disrupts her normal life and causes a lot of stress for her. Unlike her brother, she does badly at school, and is too quite a clumsy yet cheerful girl. Momo's tastes are also shown to be rather strange. Her songs are "Kisaragi Attention" and "Otsukimi Recital", lit. Moon Viewing Recital
When Momo was younger, she was constantly overshadowed by her brother Shintaro causing her to yearn for attention. After a drowning accident at a beach, she was swallowed up by the Kagerō Daze with her father who had tried to save her and given the snake of "Drawing Eyes", which is capable of catching people's attention regardless of their preferences. After an incident where she attempts and fails to be normal, Kido recruits her to the Mekakushi Dan.

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