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Haruka Kokonose Cosplay

Haruka Kokonose Cosplay

A young man with amnesia. He is currently living at Hiyori’s sister’s house as a foster child. Not knowing about the normal world, he’s rather my-pace (air-headed, lost). In his spare time, he plays baseball with the neighborhood children. He is known to possess a strong curiosity for the unknown. There appears to be another side to him called 'Dark Konoha'/'Kuroha'.

Source from Wikipeida

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? 11-23 14:03
the first profile: the arrows on the boots are supposed to be yellow. and the headset and the pants are more of a Green-yellow than yellow. all profiles: you seem to have forgotten that he has a collar.

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 11-23 21:54

Hello, thanks for your message, the actual costume is just same as the photo shown; if you'd like to change the color/design/material, please submit ticket (with product link & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n