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Saruhiko Fushimi Cosplay

The third-in-command of Scepter 4. He is unmotivated and lazy, with a bad attitude, despite being extremely capable, much to Seri's chagrin. He has a habit of clicking his tongue. Fushimi was a former member of Homra who betrayed them to join Scepter 4 - he claims to have joined Scepter 4 to gain more power, but his reasons lie deeper than that. He considered Homra a childish group that would never amount to anything. In Episode 10, he even chides Yata by saying that although they "have special powers, all we can do is to play punks and gangsters". He was Yata's close friend since middle school and they joined Homra together. After joining, Yata became more distant from him and always chased after Mikoto with all his heart. Fushimi, who has an interest in nothing but Yata, betrayed Homra in order to get Yata's hatred as his attention towards him. Neko calls him the "Jerk with the Glasses".

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unmotivated, lazy

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