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Kuroh Yatogami Cosplay

Known as the Black Hound as a title, Kuro by Shiro or Kurosuke by Neko, he is a highly skilled swordsman on a mission to hunt down the next "Colorless King" - whom he believes to be Yashiro - on behalf of his late King and master, Ichigen Miwa. Even though he has a cold exterior, he is a good man who allowed Shiro a chance to prove his innocence, cooked meals for him and helped around in the festival as an apparent transfer student. For the first few episodes, Kuroh was convinced through the video that Yashiro was evil as he killed Totsuka in cold blood, and sought to kill him as per his master's request. However, he agrees to give Yashiro the benefit of doubt, and now closely monitors his actions. He slowly grows attached to both Yashiro and Neko. After Shiro awakens as the Silver King, he became his clansman.

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highly skilled, cold

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