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Yuki Yoshida Cosplay

A vampire ninja from a different faction from Seraphim's who is also a student in Ayumu's high school, where she is known as Yuki Yoshida. She is able to use tonkotsu ramen soup to instantly defeat Megalos, though the explanation behind it is too advanced for even her to understand, and has a machine which sprays said soup over the city whenever a horde of Megalos attack. However, in the anime, the machine has failed, and thus the project was given up. As a result of accidentally kissing Ayumu when he was pushed by Haruna, they are technically declared married by her faction's customs, and she constantly acts like a wife while at school. She is rather tomboyish, speaking with the term "ore" when talking about herself. Towards the ending in the anime, she shows to have strong feelings for Ayumu.

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Yuki Yoshida Costumes

Yuki Wig from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka
Yuki Wig from Kore wa Zombie Desu ka
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