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Kagura (Inuyasha) Cosplay

Kagura is Naraku's second detachment, although she is introduced before her "elder sister" Kanna. As a wind sorceress, Kagura uses a fan to enhance her powers; she can create a blade-like tornado or use wind to animate dead bodies. She can also use her feather hair-ornaments as transportation, enlarging them to ride in the wind. Though initially cold and calculating, Kagura despises Naraku more than his enemies due to him possessing her heart and using it as a means to punish her or remind her of her place. As a result, Kagura's desire to be free leads her to covertly aid both InuYasha and Sesshomaru, developing feelings for the latter, in hopes that they can kill him for her so she can reclaim her heart.

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Kagura (Inuyasha) Cosplay Costume

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