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Soushi Miketsukami Cosplay

The assigned SS Agent to Ririchiyo and her servant, Sōshi is the reincarnation of the evil Nine-Tailed Fox. Ririchiyo helped him when she was little. Later on in the series, it is apparent that Ririchiyo had changed him in a way. Very calm, polite, and gentle to people, he has a soft spot for his mistress, blindly obeying her and protecting her with his life if the situation calls for it. He enters a relationship with her when he reads her letter she meant to put into the time capsule. What he wishes for is a family, which he never had. A notable feature is his Heterochromia: his right eye is blue, while the other is a dark gold.

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calm, polite, gentle

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Soushi Miketsukami Cosplay Shoes

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Soushi Miketsukami Cosplay Wig

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Soushi Miketsukami Cosplay Costume

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Nicole  2013-11-29
Over all the cosplay was really nice. The pants were a bit long length wise. But it was an easy fix. I was really satisfied with this cosplay. I didn't get why the strings on the shirt were so long... but I just double knotted it.

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