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Shuya Goenji Cosplay

Axel Blaze (Gouenji Shuuya) is a Forward for Raimon and Inazuma Japan. He is the only left-footed character in Inazuma Japan. Gouenji is a quiet, collected and cool ace striker of the team with spikey hair and a cool disposition. At his previous school, Kidokawa Seishuu Junior High (Kirkwood in the English dub), Gouenji was the top Soccer player of his club and took his place in the Football Frontier. His little sister, Yūka, was unfortunately in a car accident (which was planned for by Gouenji's opposition) while on the way to his big match and was hospitalized soon after. Feeling responsible, he keeps an amulet made by his sister and makes a promise to stop playing soccer until she wakes up. However, when he realizes that his passion for the game still beats in his heart, he changes that promise to becoming the champion of the Soccer Frontier and joins the Raimon Eleven thanks to some persistence by Endou. He becomes close friends with Endou and the team as the story progresses. His special techniques are the Fire Tornado which later evolves into Fire Tornado Kai (Fire Tornado Remastered), Bakunetsu Storm (Fireball Storm), and then Shin Bakunetsu Screw (True Fireball Screw). He also forms a combo technique with Kabeyama called Inazuma Otoshi (Inazuma Drop), one with Endou called Inazuma Ichigo (Inazuma-1) and a combination of the two called the Inazuma Ichigo Otoshi (Inazuma-1 Drop).

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