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Kojiro Genda Cosplay

Kojiro Genda known as Joseph "Joe" King in the English dub, is a Goalkeeper. Nicknamed "The King of Goalies", Genda is the longtime Goalkeeper of Teikoku Academy's soccer team. During the attacks of Aliea Academy, Genda and his teammate Sakuma are invited to become part of Shin Teikoku Academy's soccer team and is brought back under the influence of Kageyama. After the match, Genda is returned to normal and eventually became the goalkeeper for Neo Japan, to claim the national team spot for the Football Frontier International. His special techniques are Power Shield Which evolves to Full Power Shield, Full Power Shield, Beast Fang which is a forbidden technique, Drill Smasher V2 and True Infinite Wall

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Kojiro Genda Cosplay Accessory

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Kojiro Genda Cosplay Shoes

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Kojiro Genda Cosplay Wig

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Kojiro Genda Cosplay Costume

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top pants
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