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Jubei Yagyu Cosplay

The female protagonist of the series and Muneakira's first Master Samurai, with the contractual mark on her chest. She also has a power level of five million when she transforms according to Hattori and bears amber eyes with vertical slits, but in this state she has shown a sadistic side, yet she is an honorable warrior who gives respect to those who have earned it. In her normal form, she has no memories of her former life and has an obsession with Muneakira whom she refers to as "onii-chan" (big brother) due to the fact that they share the same surname. She is also airheaded, innocent, and acts very much like a child, which is reinforced by the fact that she refers to herself in third-person. Her weapon is a daishō set, with the katana unusually colored. She possess no transformation phrase as she is shown only to transform only when she kisses Muneakira or when she bears feelings in an excessive extent. Initially during her transformations, Muneakira was bound from moving by mysterious chains that were revealed to be his General powers not having fully developed.

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AUbrey Smtih 01-04 02:24
is there anyway to find out how to find jubei yagyus cat like tail made out of rope for sale by its self for the cosplay??

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 01-04 03:38

Hello AUbrey Smtih, we accept commission orders, please submit ticket (with reference pictures & request) to our Support Center and let my teammate helps you directly.  n_n