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Gon Freecs Cosplay

Gon is an athletic, rustic, and friendly boy. Having spent a lot of time in the woods as a child, he is very good with animals. Gon is an Enhancer, who are known for being simple-minded and determined. This determination and talent leads to both potential allies and potential enemies trusting in him and taking his side. He has inhuman senses; Gon has a heightened sense of smell and sight, as well as very keen taste. Gon wants to become a Hunter because he wishes to find out the depths of an occupation that would cause a father to choose the profession over being with his own son. Gon's curiosity takes precedence over his fear.

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Gon Freecs Cosplay Shoes

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Gon Freecs Cosplay Wig

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Gon Freecs Cosplay Costume

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top pants
polyester costume

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Sara  2015-03-20
Hi there I finally managed to wear my Fire Emblem Cosplay. I really like it. It was totally fun and it's easy to wear.

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