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Issei Hyodo Cosplay

Hyodou Issei is the male protagonist of the series. A second-year student at Kuoh Academy, he is a pervert who has a habit of fantasizing, and is well known for being creepy at the Academy, but, in contrast to this, he is also surprisingly hot-blooded and hard-working. His first girlfriend suddenly kills him, but Rias saves him and brings him back to life as a Devil of her own clan, making him a member of the Occult Research Club. His rank is "Pawn", and while his powers as a Devil are low-ranking, on his left arm he wields a Sacred Gear called "Boosted Gear". He works hard day and night for the sake of his master and the highest-ranking Devil, Rias. His goal is to one day rise in rank into a high-ranking Devil so that he can gather his own servants and create his own harem, becoming a "Harem King".

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