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Nice Cosplay

The impulsive half of the "Minimum Holder PI duo" along with his partner Murasaki. He is a former member from an academy of Minimum Holders who left it to start a life as a detective, obtaining several allies. He is constantly broke for money, partly due to the fact that he doesn't care about the cost of a job request more than what it entails. He is a bit absent minded at times with little regard for whatever situation he is immediately in such as when he tries withdrawing cash during a bank robbery with armed thieves. Despite his seemingly carefree nature, he is a genius thinker and able to quickly assess information. He always wears a set of headphones around his neck which he uses to activate his Holder ability, known as Cannon Ball, allows him to move in sound speed. He is the top-ranked graduate of the Facultas Academy and his existence is regarded as classified information. He detests the academy due to how they judge people based on whether or not they have power and believes power should not be necessary to determine one's worth.

Source from Wikipeida

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Nice Cosplay Accessory

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plastic headphone

Nice Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Nice Cosplay Wig

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kanekalon fiber wig

Nice Cosplay Costume

US$ 164.17 US$ 88.65
inner top vest pants belt
polyester costume

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