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4 Sets of Souji Okita Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Souji Okita Cosplay

Okita is the First Unit Captain and a brilliant swordsman. He suffers from tuberculosis, and is later visited by Nagumo Kaoru who gives him a bottle of "ochimizu" which he takes so he can "cure" his tuberculosis. Although he is now a rasetsu, he heals from injuries caused by silver weapons at a human speed.

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sweet, kind, caring

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Souji Okita Cosplay Shoes

US$ 129.25 US$ 77.55
artificial leather shoes

Souji Okita Cosplay Wig

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heat resisting fiber wig

Souji Okita Cosplay Wig ( 1 )

US$ 67.98 US$ 40.79
heat resisting fiber wig

Souji Okita Cosplay Costume

US$ 244.18 US$ 131.86
kimono *3 belt pants
polyester costume

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