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Yukimura Kusunoki Cosplay

First introduced as a stalker of Kodaka. "His" first meeting with the Neighbor's Club resulted in gender confusion, as "his" appearance is decidedly feminine despite "his" assertions of malehood. A gullible student with low self-esteem, she admiringly believes Kodaka to be a romantic and masculine outlaw who lives life the way he wants to, and eagerly pledges to become his "underling" on the basis that she can learn to become less effeminate through him; however, she also appears to harbor a crush on him.

Source from Wikipeida

gullible, low self-esteem

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Yukimura Kusunoki Cosplay Accessory

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silk stockings

Yukimura Kusunoki Cosplay Shoes

US$ 118.02 US$ 70.81
artificial leather shoes

Yukimura Kusunoki Cosplay Wig

US$ 66.42 US$ 39.85
heat resisting fiber wig

Yukimura Kusunoki Cosplay Costume

US$ 151.98 US$ 82.08
dress apron bow knot head wear
polyester costume

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