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Kittan Bachika Cosplay

Kittan Bachika is the oldest of the Black Siblings. During his first encounter with Team Gurren, he mistakenly confuses Kamina for a Beastman. This is reconciled, when it is discovered that Kamina is piloting the Gunmen, Gurren. Shortly after, the two teams (the Black Siblings and Team Gurren) come into contact with the sixteen-headed enemy Gunmen, whom the Black Siblings had crossed paths with earlier. After the eventual defeat of the enemy Gunmen, the two teams part ways. (In the manga, they meet up with Kamina and co at the same time Viral makes his entrance.) Kittan eventually parted ways with his sisters, who join up the Team Gurren soon after, before returning to aid Team Gurren against Thymilph in his own acquired Gunman, King Kittan, and with others inspired by Kamina who obtained Gunmen of their own they have captured and customized. This event consequently leads to the formation of Team Dai-Gurren. As a result of the death of Kamina, Kittan temporarily takes over as the leader (though self-proclaimed) of the team, but after Simon recovers from his depression over Kamina's death, Kittan transfers the control of leadership to him.

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