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Lunamaria Hawke Cosplay

Lunamaria Hawke is a mobile suit pilot for the ZAFT military forces. She attended ZAFT military academy together with her sister Meyrin Hawke and fellow pilots Shinn Asuka and Rey Za Burrel. She typically pilots a red ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior but is given Shinn's mobile suit, Impulse, after he receives Destiny. Initially, she is attracted to Athrun Zala, but after Athrun and Meyrin's apparent death, she begins a relationship with Shinn. Lunamaria starts having doubts about fighting against the Archangel when learning that Meyrin is alive, but with the Archangel crew. After ZAFT's defeat, she reunites with her sister. In the 27th Anime Grand Prix she was voted 5th place in the Favorite Female category however in the 28th one she dropped to 11th place. Lunamaria came in 4th in the 56th Gundam National Census asking fans what character from the series would they want to see in swimming suit. Lunamaria Hawke is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Maryke Hendrikse in English.

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