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Setsuna F Seiei Cosplay

Setsuna F Seiei is the primary protagonist of the show and was discovered by Celestial Being at the age of 14 for having special potential as a pilot. He is currently a Gundam Meister and pilots the Gundam Exia, and later the 00 Gundam, both specialized in melee combat. Setsuna's real name is Soran Ibrahim; with Setsuna being his codename. He was once a child soldier in the war-torn Krugis Republic.During this time, he murdered his own parents under Ali Al-Saachez's influence in order to prove his devotion to God,s1 ep7 and hence bears a deep hatred towards Saachez. Due to his previous religious brainwashing (and awakening from it), Setsuna no longer believes that God exists. Disappearing at the end of the first season, Setsuna reappears four years later and rejoins Celestial Being.

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calming, expressionless, cool

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