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Lockon Stratos Cosplay

Born Neil Dylandy, Lockon Stratos decided to join Celestial Being because his parents and younger sister were killed in a terrorist bombing. As the eldest pilot, he is considered the pilot's team leader, and sports a more easy-going, flamboyant personality as compared to the other Gundam Meisters. He owns an orange Haro to help pilot the Gundam Dynames and has a personal feud with Ali Al-Saachez, who plotted the terrorist bombing that caused the death of his family.Four years after the death of Neil Dylandy, Setsuna F Seiei recruits Neil's twin brother, Lyle, to become the new Lockon Stratos and pilot of the Cherudim Gundam.

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marksman, promising, easy-going, flamboyant,

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