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2 Sets of Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay Costume, Wig, Props and Accessories

Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay

The student council president. Her grandfather is the head of the Kuhouin Group which is at odds with the GHQ, and Arisa is his heir. She however doesn't want the responsibilities associated with it, but is unable to face it, resulting in her Void being named "The Coward's Shield", which is a disc-shaped shield controlled by a ball-shaped device. The shield can divide itself in 6 parts, and even grow in size. Arisa developed a crush on Gai when they met while he was asking her grandfather to help fund Funeral Parlor.

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Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay Accessory

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Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay Shoes

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Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay Wig

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Arisa Kuhouin Cosplay Costume

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