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Katyusha Cosplay

Pravda's overall commander. Katyusha is a spoiled and arrogant girl who suffers from Napoleon complex due to her diminutive size and thus tends to look down on her opponents, often having the very tall Nonna give her a ride on her shoulders so she can be above others. However, she is also a capable strategist and charismatic leader, proven by her school's successes during Sensha-dō and the absolute loyalty of her comrades. Despite appearing as mean and aggressive, she still shows good sportsmanship, as seen when she shakes hands with and compliments Miho.

Source from Wikipeida

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Katyusha Cosplay Accessory

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Katyusha Cosplay Shoes

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Katyusha Cosplay Wig

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Katyusha Cosplay Costume

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shirt top skirt
polyester costume

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