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Miho Nishizumi Cosplay

Miho is a girl who comes from a long line of tank operators. Previously she attended Kuromorimine and commanded the flag tank in the national championships a year ago against Pravda. However, after she abandoned it to rescue the crew of another tank that had fallen into a river, her tank was knocked out. This ended a nine year winning streak by Kuromorimine and Miho subsequently avoided Sensha-dō and transferred to Oorai Girls Academy specifically because it didn't have Sensha-dō. However, after Sensha-dō is revived by the school, Miho is forced by the student council to take it up again due to her being the only girl in school with actual Sensha-dō experience. She starts to enjoy Sensha-dō after spending time with her new friends. Although shy and reluctant, once she focuses on the battle she shows remarkable talent for keeping her cool, analyzing a battle, and coming up with new strategies on the fly. Originally started as the loader in the anime and later became the commander as well as Ōarai's overall commander. She serves as the anime's main protagonist.

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