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Ban Midou Cosplay

    Ban Midou is one of the main protagonists in GetBackers. His name comes from his mother's surname "Midou" and the "Ban" from Japanese word for Savage. The "ban" can mean "barbarian" or "uncouth/vulgar." This is the result of the first meeting between Paul and Ban. When der Kaiser first introduced the infant Ban to Paul, Ban kicked Paul in the face while being held by him, causing Paul to insist that the Ban of Yaban suited the child perfectly. der Kaiser agreed.
   Known variously as "The Man with the Evil Eye" and "The Genius of Battles", he is the "B" in the GetBackers. He is 18 years old in the manga and 21 years old in the anime. He is one quarter German is the grandchild of the "Last Witch of the 20th Century". Ban is a brother-like figure to Himiko Kudo after she came to terms with her brother's death, and later it is revealed in volume 38 of the manga that Ban is actually related to her by blood through the Witch Queen.

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