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Rui Ninomiya Cosplay

A boy living on the top floor in the high-class mansion-apartment building Glorious Tower Toyosu in Tokyo's Koto ward. His trump card is his superb intellect. He is trilingual, being able to speak English, Japanese, and Chinese. After educating himself using educational websites and learning how to write code from hackers around the world, he developed the social networking service "GALAX" with over 200 million users worldwide. He believes that the current society is flawed and claims that it is his duty to improve it for the better, thus "upgrading the world". When in public, Rui crossdresses to disguise himself, usually as a blonde girl in punk rocker fashion, and is known by GALAX users as LOAD. He also possesses his own NOTE, colored purple with a different logo on the cover, forced upon him by Berg Katze, but he refrains from using its powers despite Berg's attempts to make him do so. Among GALAX users, Rui selected one hundred individuals, known as The Hundred, to use a system known as CROWDS to assist in disasters. Upon meeting Hajime and confirming the existence of Gatchaman, Rui attempts to persuade her, Utsu-tsu and Sugane to stop being Gatchaman, as the concept of "superheroes" would be obsolete in the upgraded world. Rui also believes that people would become too reliant on Gatchaman to solve problems and prevent disasters. After Katze takes over the GALAX network using his form, Rui joins the Gatchaman in attempting to thwart him.

Source from Wikipeida

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