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Paiman Cosplay

An alien Gatchaman dispatched on Earth by J.J and the longest running member of the G-Crew, going back hundreds of years. He has complete trust and respect for J.J. and his prophecies, mostly because J.J. made him team leader. He also gives the team their orders. Paiman demands respect, tact, and obedience from his fellow Gatchaman, but he is often ignored, especially by Hajime. He has a similar appearance to pandas, but absolutely hates being referred to as one. Despite this, he has a large collection of panda merchandise stashed in his room. His Gatchaman form transforms him into a large wheeled beast form that can travel at high speeds and carry other passengers. However, his cowardice means it is rarely put to good use during battles.

Source from Wikipeida

Paiman Costumes

Paiman Plush from Gatchaman Crowds
Paiman Plush from Gatchaman Crowds
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