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Melisandre of Asshai Cosplay

She is a Shadowbinder and a priestess of R’hllor, God of Flame and Shadow, Lord of Light. She believes that Stannis is “Azor Ahai” reborn, a hero destined to defeat the Great Other, the antithesis of her god and thus has become a close adviser to him and his family.

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Melisandre of Asshai Cosplay Wig

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Melisandre of Asshai Cosplay Costume

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dress cloak
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Kelly KoRBa 02-02 00:26
Hi! I am going to game of thrones party on February 21. I was hoping to have a size m in melisandre red dress by the 15th. Is this possible to have by then? Thanks!

CosplayFu ([email protected]) 02-02 01:56

Hello Kelly, we are afraid this dress can't reach you before 15th because Our tailors are enjoying their long Lunar New Year holidays from late Jan. to late Feb., sorry for the inconvenience caused.