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Minene Uryu Cosplay

The secondary female protagonist, the Ninth Diary user and the protagonist of the side-story manga, Future Diary: Mosaic. An infamous atheist terrorist, Minene is a young woman who has hatred against organized religion particular God. Her hatred of religion stems from her past when she and parents were traveling in a city in the Middle East but got caught in a battle, which is hinted between Israelis and Palestinians, where her parents were killed in the crossfire.

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tactical and intelligent,intimidating

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Minene Uryu Cosplay Accessory

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polyester blinker

Minene Uryu Cosplay Shoes

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artificial leather shoes

Minene Uryu Cosplay Wig

US$ 86.82 US$ 52.09
heat resisting fiber wig

Minene Uryu Cosplay Costume

US$ 211.63 US$ 114.29
dress head piece
satin costume

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