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Fine (Fushigiboshi no Futagohime) Cosplay

Fine is one of the main protagonists of the series and one of the twin princesses of Sunny Kingdom. She has red hair and eyes which were inherited from her mother. Fine is referred to as one of "the most unprincess-like princesses in the history of Fushigi-boshi". She is a glutton for food, especially cake despite having terrible cooking skills. She frequently whines whenever she sees or hears anything supernatural because she does not like horror. She and Rein help each other out the most. Fine is athletic but not a good dancer. She is friendly,and tries to stay happy in any situation. Fine is very naive but is always the type to do anything to help her friends, causing Noche to fall for her. She tries to cheer people up despite not knowing the entire situation and does not express herself more often, trying to brush off the feelings she hides. Fine can understand what Shade's little sister, Milky, is saying because they both like to eat. Fine is the first to trust Eclipse and slowly falls in love with him. She never really knew that Shade was in love with Rein or how Bright liked her. Like wise, she never figured out that Noche was in love with her. She showed some jealously in situations where Shade paid more attention to Rein like saving her rather than Fine. Her favorite color is Red/Pink. Later in the anime, when they get to know each other better, she becomes Shade's love interest and is still in love with him in the second season. In the manga, she ends up with Bright and becomes the future Queen of Sunny Kingdom.

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